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Paper Lanterns InsideOut Action
Deaderick Street
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The Nomadic Project

All 50 States in 13 months.
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The YOUnite Tour

Artists from 55 countries have joined us to unite the world through art!
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Amaranths:Tactical Flowers

Look at the amaranth:
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About AK Llamas Who We Are

Alfonso Llamas

Alfonso continues development of artistic music, web and film while working with artist/wife Kristin Llamas in the design, development, construction and installation of conceptual art works. His integration of modern technology enhances the scope and reach of these projects. Alfonso’s films, photographs, writing and music have exhibited in galleries and museums around the country.

Kristin Llamas

Kristin Llamas’ paintings are loaded with symbolism and layered illustrations. By age twenty-four, Llamas’ art had exhibited in museums, galleries and art centers in all fifty of the United States. She has been recognized by the National Society of Arts and Letters, awarded the Artist’s Achievement grant from the state of Florida and has twice received the Professional Development grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission.


  • Nomadic Project
  • Nomadic Project Exhibit
  • YOUnite Tour
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Socratic Dialogues
  • Parthenon Exhibit
  • #NashvilleSelfie
  • BNA Bonnaroo Skylights

Our Projects From Vision to Reality

Nashville International Airport
Absolute Sea Level
Nashville's Selfie
Amaranths: Tactical Flowers
Parthenon Exhibit
Mezzanine Gallery At The Viridian
Nashville Paper Portrait Lanterns
YOUnite Tour
The Nomadic Project

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.

–Jerzy Kosinski


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