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Socratic Dialogues: K Llamas Solo Exhibition at Parthenon Museum in Nashville

Text from Museum Curator, Susan Shockley

About the Socratic Dialogues: K Llamas Solo Exhibition at Parthenon Museum in Nashville:

Kristin Llamas and the Parthenon Museum hosted ten dialogues around Nashville to discuss the same questions posed by the Greek philosopher, Socrates. Each meeting focused on one concept. The goal for each session was to arrive at consensus with a two-sentence definition of that night’s topic. Llamas listened and took notes but did not interact during these conversations about justice, temperance, courage, honor, truth, unity, holiness, virtue, beauty and wisdom.

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Nashville Art Exhibit: Kristin Llamas, Inside the Mind of A “Cereal Artist”

What is Holiness?, oil on canvas, 78×64″

On October 5th, The Viridian’s Mezzanine Gallery and AK Llamas unveil their latest Nashville art exhibit: Kristin Llamas, Inside the Mind of A “Cereal Artist”. The opening coincides with an Artober Art Crawl PARTY, celebrating Nashville’s month long celebration of the arts. This exhibit provides a behind the scenes look into the making of ten original works by Kristin Llamas that debut in a solo exhibition at the Parthenon Museum on October 18th.

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Nashville Art Exhibit: Jerry Bedor Phillips, Somewhere Between


The Viridian’s Mezzanine Gallery, AK Llamas, and emerging curator John Michael Woodlee present their latest Nashville art exhibit: Jerry Bedor Phillips, Somewhere Between. This solo exhibit will showcase an installation of prints and drawings by Jerry Phillips. The work will be on display from September 5th – 30th with an opening reception for the exhibition coinciding with the Nashville Art Crawl September 7, 2013, from 6pm to 9 pm.

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Nashville Art Exhibit: Exposed Consciousness, Works By Jeremy Jones

Artist Jeremy Jones in studio.

The latest Nashville art exhibit: Exposed Consciousness, works by Jeremy Jones will be on display at the Mezzanine Gallery August 2nd – September 2nd. AK Llamas and emerging curator John Michael Woodlee present an installation of sculptural works with an opening reception for the exhibition that coincides with the Nashville Art Crawl August 3, 2013, from 4pm to 9 pm.

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AK Llamas Speaks to Nashville’s Mayor, Karl Dean

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YOUnite Tour Nashville Artist Talk

The June 13th YOUnite Tour Nashville Pop Up Exhibit Artist Talk starts at 7pm CST. This is an exclusive invite only event at The Viridian, but in the uniting spirit of the YOUnite Tour we are live broadcasting this event through an On Air Google Hangout for the world to see and replay later if you miss it!


Google Plus Hangout On Air

Tune in from 7-9p, Thursday, June 13th

Listen in as AK Llamas shares the inspiration behind the YOUnite Tour and four Nashville-based artists speak about their work and process.


AK Llamas, Alfonso and Kristin Llamas
Painter, Marleen De Waele-De Bock
Photographer, Carla Ciuffo
Sculptor, Laura Chenicek
Urban/Street Artist, Vince “Bad Panda” Herrera

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Nashville YOUnite Tour Exhibit Features International Artwork

The Nashville YOUnite Tour opens today and will be on display thru June 30th, 2013 at The Viridian.

Nashville YOUnite Tour Exhibit Flyer

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The Beauty of Art and Demise

Symbolic Evolution of the Paper Portrait Lanterns, Nashville, TN

The largest 3D Street Art Installation in Nashville began as something planned and pristine but to the artists, true beauty and meaning lay in it’s deterioration.

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A Decade of Art & Marriage: Why AK Llamas Works

AK Llamas walking Deaderick Street in Nashville – Photography by Kerry Woo

Ten years of Art & Marriage…Why AK Llamas Works?

Let’s be honest, sometimes it doesn’t. Putting two creatives together isn’t just compatible, it’s combustible. The relationship began with Kristin interrupting Alfonso’s band practice to curse the group for firing her sister as lead singer so Alfonso and Kristin are the first to admit that they love & hate each other on an hourly basis. The fact is that creatives are usually very passionate about their ideas. Throw in some spicy hispanic and firey Italian blood and you have one strong blend of stubborn.

But just like any precious stone, it takes a lot of intense heat and pressure to make something purely beautiful and unique. The relationship has always grown with long late-night discussions, parallel pasts of fending for themselves in their early teen years and a love for all things beautiful and unique. However Alfonso and Kristin each develop ideas very differently. Alfonso is calculative and approaches ideas from a place of what is practical, logical and thoroughly researched. Kristin is impulsively driven to create out of pure need for expression and communication. It is because of Kristin’s dreams that large projects begin, but it is due to Alfonso’s sense that they are completed.

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