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The NomadicProject

America is united through a conceptual art project titled The Nomadic Project. Follow award winning artist, Kristin Abraham and musician, Alfonso Llamas, as they explore each of the fifty states in hope to unite and inspire a divided nation. Their emotional, physical and historical experiences are expressed through art, music, literature and film.

The Reason

Modern generations are spending less time exploring, creating, and interacting with each other on a personal level. In addition, technology has separated the modern world from the land which carries it. it is time to once again, be inspired!
These two elements have the ability to create a soul-less society full of unexplainable emptiness. Therefore, in an attempt to re-establish “The America Dream,” artist Kristin Abraham and musician Alfonso Llamas take a nation divided by war, politics, race and religion, and discover that the only way to find peace and unity is to return to the land itself. America was founded on exploration and dreams….it is time to once again, be inspired!

The Concept

Llamas and Abraham leave most of the journey to unfold on the road, yet these things are for certain

  • TIMEFRAME: Spend 1-2 weeks in each of the fifty states, finish in about 1yr
  • GOAL: Discover the big cities, small towns and Historic sites that make up this torn nation, and pull it all together with art
  • UNITE: Abraham shares the journey through a 24 x 30″ canvas painted in each state which is left behind in the following state (where it will be displayed at a gallery for the duration of the project)
  • INSPIRE: Llamas composes poetic melodies that journal the voyage, shared online for all to experience
  • RESULT: At the end of the year-long journey all fifty states will be simultaneously displaying a painting that was inspired by a bordering state

The Nomadic Project is intended to stand as a symbol of unity, however we quickly discover that it is a celebration of diversity.

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